Monday, August 28, 2017

My Letter to Joe Kennedy III about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Representative Kennedy,

I'd like to start off by saying that you seem to be a man of conviction.  I agree with you on most if not all of what you speak about, and you seem to truly believe it.  And I understand that you seem to support the impeachment of Trump based upon the Russia corruption scandal, at least looking at the video you published in May.

It's time.

Trump's pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an assault on the rule of law.  Pardoning a man who was convicted of contempt of court due to disobeying a judge's order that he stop violating the Constitution is an assault on the Constitution, and an undermining of the courts themselves.  Even if we put aside Mr. Arpaio's actions leading to the court order and eventual conviction, by issuing this pardon Trump is literally showing his own contempt for the courts and our Constitution.  A failure to impeach for this offense undermines the whole concept of our system of justice.

Martin Luther King Jr. referred to riots as the "Language of the Unheard".  I have to wonder what option would there be besides violence for the disenfranchised, oppressed and threatened in a country where Justice is undermined from the very head of our government.  What option besides vigilantism when other avenues of addressing grievances are shut down?

Don't mistake my comments for supporting violence or attempts at vigilante justice.  Citizens in our country right now are too polarized to be able to exercise good judgement.  Misunderstanding is far too easy when people take the law into their own hand.  I merely want to ensure that they have an alternative that they can believe in.

Can I count on you to take the appropriate steps to ensure that an impeachment of Trump is begun?  This means either supporting anyone who starts impeachment processes, or starting the process yourself.  I am here to support you in any way that is possible, be it spreading word, getting signatures or anything else I'm not aware of.

Your constituent,
Gregory Boyce